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Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars is a 1996 point-and-click adventure game developed by Revolution Software. The player assumes the role of George Stobbart, an American tourist in Paris, as he attempts to unravel a conspiracy. The game takes place in both real and fictional locations in Europe and the Middle East.

Overview of Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars:

Uncover the identity of a jester assassin. Unlock the legend of the Knights Templar. Unravel a plot as twisted as the catacombs you're about to prowl.
As George Stobbart, an American in Paris, you find it odd when an accordion-playing clown darts out of a cafe clutching a briefcase. Moments later, you're sent flying, violently thrown through the air by the force of a massive explosion, right into a sinister, global intrigue. The coveted contents of that briefcase? A fiercely guarded manuscript penned by a clandestine medieval order - the Knights Templar. Reveal the truth behind a secret conspiracy and save the world from the Templars' evil plan.

What's cool about Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars:

  • The Director's Cut includes an additional chapter of the story, seen from Nico's perspective and exclusively on GOG, an original version of Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars a.k.a. Broken Sword: Circle of Blood
  • Great hand-drawn graphics, now remade with new animated cinematics and HD resolutions 
  • A timeless adventure game with a conspiracy atmosphere and a big underlying mystery

Screenshots of Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars:

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