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Open Source Scan Converter Upgraded To V1.6

Open Source Scan Converter Upgraded To V1.6

The Open Source Scan Converter has been upgraded to version 1.6 and is available for DIY builders right now.

The biggest new feature is the integration of analogue to digital audio conversion and audio output as standard, which was one of the biggest quirks of the old version 1.5 unit as featured in issue 162 of Retro Gamer. Audio is now accepted via the AV1 SCART socket or one of two 3.5mm audio jacks, corresponding to AV2 Component and AV3 VGA inputs. The other major new feature is the integration of regular HDMI output as standard, replacing the DVI connector of the version 1.5 model.

For those of you unfamiliar with the OSSC, the product is a line doubler which is intended to improve the image of retro consoles on modern HDTV displays via RGB SCART, component or VGA. It achieves this by multiplying incoming video scanlines, producing images from 480p to 1200p with no added input lag. The OSSC also offers features including a scanline filter with adjustable strength and masking to hide garbage in the overscan area of your old console’s display.

We found that our office TV was able to achieve a far superior image from retro consoles with the use of a version 1.5 OSSC, and the version 1.6 changes serve to make the device a much more attractive and user-friendly proposition than it was a year ago. However, it’s still not a catch-all solution for everyone. As compared to the Micomsoft XRGB-Mini Framemeister, a video upscaler popular in the retro gaming community, the OSSC is less expensive, offers zero lag and copes better with resolution switching, but the Framemeister offers superior deinterlacing, composite and S-video support, and has greater compatibility with TVs.

OSSC V1.6 DIY kits are available to intrepid engineers now via VideoGamePerfection in barebones (click here) and advanced (click here) forms, and pre-built units are expected in October – click here to reserve yours.

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